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Dent Repair Bristol Tn


This repair was made on a Nissan Quest the customer was referred to us by a local body shop. She backed her van into a trash can pinning it between the house and the van. The repair took about two hours and came out about 95% but we did save the customer 400 dollars over the body shop cost and made a lifetime customer!

Mobile Tech Expo Dent Repair Olympics


At the mobile tech expo with the Direct Paintless crew watching and competing in the dent repair Olympics! I’m proud to announce Lew Freeman co Owner of Direct Paintless finished 3rd in the glue pulling completion today!

Dent repair Johnson City Tn, Direct Paintless

So on this repair we were working in Johnson City Tn at the Hyundai dealership. This repair is a fairly complex repair do to the depth of the Dent. On this repair we glue pulled the dent to take some of the depth out of it before we began to massage the metal back to its factory form!
This repair was done by Cody Barrett!
You can reach is at 4239670383


Quick Quote – (423) 967-0383

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