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Kingsport TN Hail Damage Repair

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If you have experienced Hail Damage over the weekend please feel free to contact us for all repairs we work with all major insurance companies and have certified technicians on staff.

4239670383 or


Dent Repair Bristol Tn


This repair was made on a Nissan Quest the customer was referred to us by a local body shop. She backed her van into a trash can pinning it between the house and the van. The repair took about two hours and came out about 95% but we did save the customer 400 dollars over the body shop cost and made a lifetime customer!

Crease Repair


Today Cody is repairing a crease on a late model Chevy car. As you can see the crease runs almost the whole length of the door. A dent like this is a fairly complex repair to do, due to the sharpness and length. He repaired this dent using a sharp tip tool threw the window opening starting under the mirror and working his way towards the door handle. As you can see in the photo the dent turned out great and another customer was won over!
Please feel free to contact us about any repairs via text, email, or phone! 4239680383 or

Honda Accord Dent Repair


What we have here is a softball size dent in the right quarter panel of a Honda Accord. Cody Barrett repaired this dent on site at the Honda store in Kingsport TN. This repair starts with the removal of the bumper cover and tail light; he then heated the panel with a heat gun and used a glue pulling technic to get the depth out of the dent. In finishing the dent he rebuilds the body line with a sharp tip metal rod by massaging the dent from the back side of the quarter panel as you can see in the picture it came out great! The customer was ecstatic that the dent repair could be done the same day and half the price of the body shop estimate.
Feel free to contact us at 4239670383 for your Paintless Dent Repair needs!

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