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Cleaning Service


Vehicle is prepped with foam cannon to lift and pull dirt/debris from all surfaces. Followed by a thorough hand wash, wheels and wells cleaned, bug and tar removal, exterior glass cleaned, finished with wax to all exterior surfaces. Provides up to 2 months of protection and water beading.

Car: $75+ Standard cab truck and small SUV: $100+ Large Truck/SUV/Van: $125+

Basic Interior:

Carpets vacuumed including trunk, floor mats cleaned, cloth seats vacuumed, leather seats and trim wiped down, dash and all plastic cleaned, followed by interior dressing and glass cleaned. If interior is excessively dirty there will be an up charge depending on severity.

Car/Standard Cab Truck/Small SUV $50+ Large Truck/SUV $75+

Full Service Interior:

Cloth seats and carpets cleaned with stain removal. Leather seats and trim cleaned, conditioned and UV50 protected. Cracks and crevices cleaned of dust and debris, all rubber seals cleaned and dressed and glass cleaned. *some stains cannot be expected

Cars: $125+ Standard Cab Truck/Small SUV: $150+ Large Truck/SUV/Van: $200+

Restoration Services

Headlight restoration $40+

Multiple stage sanding, buffing (to remove sanding scratches), polishes (to bring lamps to a high gloss shine), and UV cured protectant. Guaranteed for 1 year.

Exterior Trim Restoration: $50+

All trim cleaned with IPA and restored with Solution Finish and is guaranteed for 8 months.

Paint Correction Services:

Paint correction, or swirl and scratch removal, is the process of improving the appearance of your vehicle by removing swirls and scratches to enhance the depth and gloss of the paint. We offer the choice between single-stage and two-stage paint correction. Both services include polish and wax.

Single-Stage Service starts at $200

Single-stage will only remove some minor swirls and scratches.

Two-Stage service starts at $400 Two-Stage will remove majority of imperfections (Excluding scratches that are through the clear coat).

Ceramic Paint Protection

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RV’s and CampersExterior details starting at $25 per sq. foot Interior details starting at $20 per sq. foot Paint corrections starting at $50 per hour Silica based sealant starting at $10 per sq foot (Hydrophobic effect for up to 3 months

A La Carte

Extraction $25 to $50

Steam Clean $25 to $50

Hand Wash $25

Windows $10

Wheels/tires $15 to $25

Door Jambs and trunk $10 to$20

Vacuum $10 to $20 Seat Removal $25 to $50 Trim Removal $25 to $50 Carpet Removal $50 to $100 Excessive Dirt $25 to $50

Body Fluids: Estimate required

Mold/Mildew: Estimate required

Engine Bay: $20+

Pet Hair Removal $50 per hour

Ozone: 2 hours $25 4 hour $50

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