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Repairing car dent after the accident by paintless dent repair

Dent Repair in Johnson City, TN

Getting a small dent or ding on your car is annoying, especially if it is a new car. Have you ever considered how often our cars get dented? It can be surprising when you add in the factor that you’re living in Johnson City, TN, where traffic is unpredictable at all times, that you can get a dent from a minor accident or from parking your car in a shopping center.

Not only is getting dents and dings annoying, it is also inconvenient to get it fixed sometimes, especially at an auto body shop because that would mean you’ll lose your car for three to four days to get it fixed. The conventional dent repair process can be problematic because it takes a long time and isn’t necessarily easy on your wallet either.

Let’s probe a bit deeper.

Problems With a Traditional Dent Repair

It’s Slow!

The traditional way of repairing a dent is outdated. With gigabyte speeds that download movies in seconds and have made the worlds around us surprisingly fast – it can seem a bit confusing that ours still need 4 days to get a small dent removed. Giving your car to a dent repair specialist at an auto body shop for 4 days can put several dents on your plan (pun intended) because no one sees a dent coming.

Now that you have it, you have to wait for it to go away so you can take your acne-free car back in front of your friends again.

It’s Expensive

When you give your car to an auto body shop repair, the dent repair specialist first examines the dent to understand the severity of the problem. Once this process is done, they drill two holes around the dent and then fill the dented space with body fillers to make it look like the dent has been removed. Since this process is complex and uses body fillers and body paint, it is also expensive on the wallet.

It’s Bad for Your Car

When your car is shipped from the factory to the showroom, it has a protective coating on top of the paint, which protects your car from scratches and dings. When you give your car for an autobody shop repair, this protective coating is compromised. In the long-run, your car can lose value and be a lot more prone to scratches and dings.

But then again – if you aren’t opting for a conventional dent repair – what other options do you have?

Paintless Dent Repair – The Modern Way of Repairing Dents

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the modern way of repairing a dent. This new-age way of repairing a dent has seen a surge in popularity because this method can repair dents a lot quickly. Usually, when a car comes into our shop for a PDR, it can leave on the same day because the procedure is extremely simple, and it won’t your wallet too much either.

So if your car has a ding or a scratch and you don’t want to resort to conventional methods of dent repair – give PDR a try. You can contact us for a free quote and we can evaluate if your car is a candidate for PDR.