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Dent Repair in Kingsport, TN

Dents can be annoying. Not only do they depreciate the value of your car, but they can also leave your car looking undesirable and ugly. Getting a dent or a ding on your vehicle in Kingsport, TN, can feel even more horrible since there aren’t many certified dent repair specialists you can rely on.

The ones that can make the dent go away rely on traditional methods. Even though the traditional method has stuck around for a long time, it’s no longer considered the best way to repair your car.  The conventional method of repairing the dents on your car has grown outdated, and car enthusiasts of the 21st century no longer prefer getting an autobody shop repair.

But why is that?

The Problems With a Traditional Dent Repair

A dent repair specialist who hasn’t adopted the modern ways of repairing the dents on your vehicle will always be inclined to fix your car the old-fashioned way. But the truth is, even they know the years old method has some alarming flaws.

It’s Expensive!

Is it truly necessary to load your car with a body filler, paint and drill a hole to fix a small dent you got from a baseball? As excessive as the whole procedure might seem to you, it is also one reason it is so expensive. When a dent repair specialist repairs your car with an autobody shop repair, they first drill a hole around your car’s dent.

After they’ve drilled the hole, they fill that space up with a body filler and then paint over it with body paint to make it look like your car has been repaired. Since additional materials are used to repair your car, it’s also expensive to get a dent repaired.

Bad for Your Car

When your car is shipped from a factory to a showroom, it has a protective coating over the paint that can save it from scratches. When you opt for an autobody shop repair, this coating is compromised. Now that your car is exposed it is more prone to scratches, and the value of your car can drop, too! Even though a certified technician might recommend getting a repair – don’t opt for it too easily!

But then again – what other options do you have?

Paintless Dent Repair – The Modern Way of Repairing Dents

Paintless dent repair or PDR is the new and improved way certified technicians at Direct Paintless repair the dents on your vehicle. One of the many reasons people nowadays opt for paintless dent repair is because it’s super quick.

Believe or not, but most cars eligible for paintless dent repair come in and leave the showroom on the same day.

This happens because the process is fairly simple. When a technician works on removing the dent from your vehicle via PDR, they massage the dent slowly from the back to restore the shape of your vehicle. Since lesser materials are required, it is also a lot more affordable, and it doesn’t destroy the protective coating over your car either!

So what are you waiting for? Call Direct Paintless today to schedule an evaluation for your paintless dent repair.