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Dent Removal

Dent Repair in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the modern way of repairing dents. Unlike the conventional method of repairing dents, the PDR way of repairing your car can provide several advantages that the traditional method can’t.

When you leave your car with PDR specialists like Direct Paintless, we start the procedural dent repair by first analyzing the damage your car has sustained under a UV light. At first, the PDR technician looks at the body of your car carefully to examine if the damage your car has sustained can be repaired by PDR. If you’re in luck and your car is a candidate for PDR, the technician will repair your car with a car body massager.

The massager will slowly massage the dent your car has sustained from the back until it finally restores back to its original shape. But with that being said – that doesn’t happen always. Here are the dents that can be repaired by PDR.

What Can PDR Repair?

Even though the PDR method of repairing dents can hold several advantages – there are a limited amount of dents that you can repair with PDR. Those dents are:

  • Car Ding

A carding is one of those dents that you can get when your car is parked in the parking lot of mart, and a shopping cart unexpectedly hits your car. Even though this can dent can feel pretty annoying, it can be easily removed with PDR.

  • Circular Dents

Circular dents are those dents that your car can get from a baseball, a hailstorm or a football. These dents can usually happen at any time of the day if your car is exposed on the road. Even though a PDR can easily repair this dent, you can easily avoid this dent by parking your car indoors or inside your garage at all times.

  • Crease Dent

For a very long time, crease dents couldn’t be repaired with PDR because they caused severe damage to your vehicle. But in the last few decades, PDR technology has made major strides, and now these dents can be repaired with PDR, too.

However, if the metal of your car has torn or if there is a hole in your because of the damage your car has sustained, then PDR might not be a solution you want to opt for.

Why Should I Opt for PDR?

Since PDR is a lot simpler to perform on your car compared to an autobody shop repair, it can be a lot quicker and a lot more affordable to do. Additionally, the conventional method of repairing dents on your car can compromise the protective coating your car comes with.

The job of this protective coating is to keep your car from dents and dings. But when you opt for a PDR, this protective coating isn’t even touched. In fact, insurance companies actually recommend their clients to get a PDR since it can prolong the life of vehicles.

So if your car has sustained damage that can be eligible for PDR – come on down to Direct Paintless for a quick repair!