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Paintless Clearcoat Repair RestorFX


Car – $699

Crossover – $799

Truck/SUV/Van – $899

Luxury (Starts at) – $999


RestorFX is designed to be a permanent solution. It will last as long as the original manufacturer’s finish on your vehicle. In some cases, RestorFX may even surpass the longevity of the original finish, providing enduring protection and shine. Direct Paintless is proud to offer this service, please give us a call today for a quick quote.

  1. RestorFX’s Paintless Clearcoat Repair is a professional restoration system that permanently brings the surface of a vehicle back to the durability and luster of its original paint finish.
  2. Unlike traditional products, our technology does more than cover up scratches. Through a polymimetic surface regeneration process, RestorFX permanently removes 99% of scuffs, fading, weathering, swirls and more by mimicking, replicating and restoring the original paint finish.
  3. The ability of RestorFX to repair damage is beyond what any other current industry standard techniques can offer. Once installed, RestorFX becomes a permanent integration into the vehicle’s exterior finish. Once cured, RestorFX upgrades the integrity of the original finish and offers more scratch resistance, ultraviolet (UV) resistance and chemical durability when compared to almost all manufacturer finishes.


Direct Paintless RestorFX

The RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) service, through its proprietary paint refinishing system and professional application process, delivers superior and permanent results with a fast turnaround time and lower cost compared to traditional paint correction methods while maintaining the integrity of the original paint finish.

Service: Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) Automotive Surface Refinishing

-The RestorFX service repairs clear coat without repainting. A RestorFX restoration brings back a new-car finish by eliminating scuffs, fading and scratches without repainting, providing a permanent, cost-effective solution with a fast turnaround time while preserving the integrity of the original paint finish.

-The RestorFX service maintains a vehicle’s factory finish. The professional RestorFX refinishing service stands apart from traditional paint repair methods such as machine polishing, buffing and repainting, which often involve cutting away or removing surface material and can compromise the integrity of the original paint.

-A RestorFX service can be optionally performed again. A RestorFX treatment can be considered a new-vehicle finish; but since cars are used differently, a RestorFX restoration can be performed again as needed over the life of an automobile.

-Direct Paintless is proud to offer this service to our list of services. Please contact us to Get a Quick Quote today at (423) 391-8093.

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RestorFX's Paintless Clearcoat Repair

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